The Moment of Truth — September 1, 2001

The Failure of the Jews

Hi, I’m mejeffdorchen, and welcome to the Moment of Truth, the mirror of radio commentary held up to your ugly faces.

A couple weeks ago, when the Israeli army invaded Jenin, I became very upset. I don’t know why, exactly. The Israeli electorate had already destroyed any possibility for peace by electing Netanyahu and allowing a small cadre of belligerent anti-Arab settlers and US Jewish Zionists to fiddle their fat fumbling fingers around in the fragile fabric of civic negotiations. The election of Sharon had already made certain that the cycle of Israeli state terrorism and Palestinian suicide bombings would spiral into a bloody whirlwind like a bass in a blender. And the Israeli military’s assassination of the Palestinian Authority and their invasion and occupation of yet more Palestinian land had already destroyed any hope moderate Palestinians, what few may be left, may have harbored for rebuilding some semblance of a livable civil society for their people.

So the Israeli military, whose presence in Palestinian territory was justified only by the most bigoted, fanatical, intransigent and eschatologically insane members of Israeli society – the settlers – had already destroyed Palestine and thus sent their own nation across the Rubicon of self-destruction by the time Jenin was sacked. What was it, then, that got me so upset on that particular day?

Well, up until that day, the idea of what the alternative there was to the peace process hadn’t really struck me. I mean, I knew the settlers and their supporters didn’t want the Palestinians to have a state, and so were against any treaty or agreement with the Palestinians. The idea that the Palestinians could have a civic government and be allowed to live and work and eat and sleep like free people was anathema to these lunatics, and they rightly saw their presence in these settlements which had to be guarded by Israeli soldiers and which forced Palestinians to navigate a minefield of restrictions on their freedoms – these sick, hate-filled Jewish maniacs correctly saw their refusal to leave their outposts of occupation as a way to sabotage any solution besides war. But it was also clear that the Israeli war against Palestine couldn’t go on forever, there had to be some kind of conclusion.

Now, maybe the settlers, whom I will now refer to simply as Jews for Genocide, maybe they thought the war against Palestine could go on forever, and they really liked that idea. Maybe the Jews for Genocide hoped that peace would never come, and that war would continue until the Messiah came and took them to the Promised Land where there would be war forever without any interference from concerned agencies outside the conflict, a blissful eternal war without the threat of peaceful negotiations, let alone solutions, hanging over the delightful carnage. Brutal army incursions would provoke terrorist responses back and forth for eternity, and limbs and bone and blood of children would shower the earth in an eternal fountain celebrating the triumph of the Chosen People.

Now, the Jews for Genocide are, as I said before, eschatologically insane. That is, their belief in a Jewish manifest destiny to settle all the land the Jealous God had supposedly promised to them has driven them to act irrationally. They’ve been turned into lunatics by their image of the end times of history. But I don’t think eternal military strife is really their idea of the paradise to come. Because you’ll notice, as I have, that their image of the end times of history doesn’t have any Palestinians in it.

Therefore, I surmised some time ago, as you may have also, that the vision of these Jews for Genocide was to exterminate the Palestinian people. After all, if they didn’t want a peacefully negotiated settlement, and they didn’t want the war to continue, they must want a military settlement, and how could that possibly come about without the utter extermination of their enemies?

Now clearly many Palestinians feel the same way about the Jews. I mean, in any two opposing camps there will be those who take their hatred of the other to the ultimate extreme. But until Jenin I hadn’t realized that it was really happening. The worst possible Jews in the world have a government and a military attempting to make their dreams reality. The worst possible Jews in the world, the Jews for Genocide, are now in the driver’s seat and actually think they will exterminate the Palestinian people, and further that this extermination will somehow result in something good for Israel in particular and the world’s Jews in general.

This is what struck me the day the Israeli military took Jenin.

Imagine the worst inside yourself, your most vile wishes, your most unreasonable stance on anything – a stance requiring the death of another person. And imagine realizing that you were in fact, in spite of all the other mitigating sensibilities in your mind, you were in fact in the process of killing that person. Imagine your nasty old aunt had a fortune, and you hated her, and you sometimes toyed with the idea of killing her for that fortune. And then imagine that, in spite of reasoning with yourself, you found yourself stabbing her. Imagine your horror as your more reasonable self watches your evil self murdering your aunt. Imagine your reasonable self wondering how you ever thought you’d get away with it, how you ever thought any good would come of it.

There were always arguments for oppressing the Palestinians. There were always arguments for taking a trust-no-Arab stance in Israeli foreign policy. Granted, those arguments were made by closed-minded bigots, but one expected to find closed-minded bigots among a paranoid, self-pitying people, and it seemed inevitable that closed-minded bigotry would play a large part in such a people’s collective actions. Now, though, it seems there is no buffer between the worst impulses of a paranoid, self-pitying people and the arena of their actions. We, the Jews who don’t hate Arabs on principle, have failed. We, the Jews who oppose war, failed. We, the Jews who oppose state violence, failed. We opposed the harrassment, imprisonment and torture of dissidents. But everything we hoped and everything we did is now dust.

We didn’t do enough. We’ll have cheated fate if one day the Jews for Genocide, or some other eschatological Gestapo, don’t come for us.

I’m mejeffdorchen, and this has been the Moment of Truth.