The Moment of Truth — January 9, 2010

The Crybabies of 2010

Welcome to the Moment of Truth, salt in the wound of the disgraceful.

For some reason all the jerks picked yesterday to bother me. One crazy cryptonazi idiot whore told me I was mean and not a gentleman. I asked her what she specifically disagreed with about Obama’s policies that made her wish she’d voted for McCain instead. She said I should look at the polls because millions of independents had become disappointed in Obama’s offensive agenda. I said what specifically is offensive and who cares how many people think the way you do. 20 million Kenny G fans are wrong. She said at least Kenny G was a gentleman and I was mean and said mean things on the Huffington Post. Why are crazy rightwing ignoramuses such crybabies?

Then I made fun of the intelligence community for not catching the underwear version of the shoe bomber. So this Zionist stoner assumes that means I’m in favor of racial profiling. I say, “what are you, nuts? That’s illogical.” He gets all like, “but you said,” and I’m like, “you must be confused.” And he says, “I am, I am confused.” But I think he was just stoned.

He goes, “Abdulluh Fabu Mohooza buys a one-way ticket for cash.” I go, “Yeah, so what race is it that is the only race naming their kids names like that? And what race is it that is the only one that buys one-way tickets? What race is it that is the only race that pays cash? Basically, what race are you suggesting we profile? Cuz if it’s Arabs or even more broadly Middle-easterners, we would have missed this guy cuz he’s BLACK AFRICAN.” So then this Zionist pothead bitch starts crying, “Don’t call me a racist in front of your 628 Facebook friends,” and I’m like, “I don’t even know what race you want to be racist against, you’re so illogical and Zionist and stoned.”

Then another Zionist starts quoting Christopher Hitchens to me about how we should copy Israel’s racism cuz they’re having such great luck with it. At that point even I had to start shooting up absinthe.

These loopy people, I don’t know how they get through life. They’ll try to tell you about Fox News Channel, how at least they don’t spread rumors, not like the New York Times. Funny, when the New York Times finds out someone’s lying, they fire that person. When a guy at Fox News says a terrorist lives at such and such an address and the poor family there who are no relation to any such person get death threats and have their home vandalized—does Fox fire that guy? Nope. Guy’s right back on the air. “I take all media with a grain of salt” these Fox apologists say, as if Fox News Channel had the same journalistic standards as the New York Times. I say, “That’s just an excuse to stay ignorant.” And they start crying. Why are these easily-programmed zombies such crybabies? Wipe your snotty noses, crybaby zombies.

It’s not like I believe everything I read in the New York Times. But I can tell the difference between decent and rotten journalism, and between stories that are merely biased and stories that are just plain propaganda. This is why I don’t have to cry.

You’re telling me someone voted for Obama and now wishes they’d voted for McCain? Do they even remember what that McCain campaign was like? Do they have any long term memory at all? Did they vote for Obama just because everyone else was doing it? WTF?

This is our country, the USA, and welcome to it. Ayn Rand economics screws up our economy over a thirty year period, a black man comes in and does as little as possible to rock the boat and suddenly thirty years of American memory goes down the drain and he’s the bad guy. Is it because he’s black and has to be twice as good as a white president to get the same pass when he acts the handmaiden to big finance? Is it because he’s a Democrat, and therefore held to a higher standard than the lower order of humanity in the other party? Is it because Americans are brain damaged? From eating meat from the cow of madness? Is it because Americans are drunk? Drunkenness makes a person more likely to vote conservative, according to a study of Australian voting patterns. Fear does the same thing. Could it be that around half our poll-answering countrymen are amnesiac, racist, ignorant, Republican, brain-damaged drunk cowardly Kenny G fans?

Let us not delude ourselves: it was ever thus. No generation of US citizens has ever spoken of their politicians as models of good sense, honesty, or integrity. At a few points it got so bad that workers actually formed unions, rather than badmouthing them. Every few decades much of the working class got fed up, stopped hating themselves and actually refrained from shooting themselves in the foot long enough to wring some concessions out of the uber-capitalist ruling class—who were in fact shooting at them.

Oh no, now I’ve done it. Now the libertarians are starting to cry. Thirty years of anti-government sabotage of consumer, worker and environmental protections weren’t enough. Not enough people are out of work for the Cato Institute. Not enough kids are going hungry for the libertarians. Not enough families are homeless. Not enough water is undrinkable yet. There are still some working class people who can afford to go the doctor now and then. There are still times when courts award decent settlements to people abused by corporations. There are still some city infrastructures that haven’t crumbled. The libertarians weep and weep. Every time a child goes to a public school and learns to read, a libertarian dies a little inside.

Meanwhile we still have most of the GOP trying to prove how much they hate the public, workers, foreigners, women, non-white people, gays and whatever today’s code word is for Jew—media elite, Hollywood, socialists, liberals, evolutionists. They’re feeding a golem of proudly ignorant white Christian heterosexual discontent, and they even have the Zionists and the Kenny G fans coming into the fold. Suckers. How long do you think President Sarah Palin is going to hold off from turning her Death Squads of Jesus against the Zionists and the Kenny G fans? They’ll have only themselves to blame when their Arab-hating elevator-music-loving blood flows in the streets of Disneyland and Wall Drug.

And of course there are those who feel that when lynching became uncool and women were allowed to vote, the USA lost something precious. To these people I say, up yours.

To all the mad, the ignorant, the forgetful, the regretful, and those who have no idea what the Constitution guarantees or why, and to those who know but are against it anyway, to those who believe they’re American and the rest of us are tools of some atheist communist teachers’ union, to all of them I say, You will not win. America will win. You can cry about it all you want to, but in the end we, not you, will win. We will win in such a way that you will understand clearly in what way you screwed up and how horrible it would have been had you succeeded. But you’ll still want another chance to try to implement your deadly agenda. Because you are self-destructive mendacious fools. And it is our misfortune to be charitable enough to share this fragile planet with you.

Now go cry about that, crybabies.

This has been the Moment of Truth. Good day!